Custom / personalised orders and pre-orders

Please contact me at hello@dollsbymawar.com for further details.

Production time 4-5 weeks upon receiving full payment.


Yes, we ship worldwide.

Sizing Details

I have four sizes right now:

Sofia, Melur and Aaman dolls are approx 40cm

Petite Zahara and Little Yusuf are approx 25cm

Dollhouse Dolls Aminah and Ali are approx 15cm

Dollhouse Dolls Aisyah, Suri and Umar are approx 13cm

Care Instructions

Our dolls come with either fully or partially removable clothing. The hijab is non-removable. DollsByMawar dolls are not meant as dress up/dress down doll, please remove clothing gently and with care. Handwash and spot cleaning are recommended. Only use gentle laundry soap and spot clean the doll as needed. Gently rinse well ensuring all shopy water is rinse through. Then squeeze doll gently in a towel to remove the excess water, smooth out the hijab and lay flat on a new towel to dry for at least 72 hours. Do not rub stains, gentle dabbing works best and won't damaged the fabric. The seams may temporarily show through while the doll is wet.

Repairs are only done at the discretion of the doll maker. Our dolls are well made but not designed for rough play. However, a well loved doll can get a lot of wear and tear over time. Please do not send a doll for repair prior discussing what can be done.

Shipping costs for repairs both ways are responsibility of the doll owner.